Earn money with the AdGuard Affiliate Program

Earn money with the AdGuard Affiliate Program


Chances are that you want to monetize your audience, and you have learned about the 50% lifetime commissions on the AdGuard Affiliate Program.

So let's learn everything about the affiliate / referral program.

How it works

When you become an AdGuard affiliate, you will earn 50% of the purchases that your referred users make.

The process looks like this:

  • You share your referral link to your audience
  • A user installs AdGuard using your link
  • The user makes a purchase and activates the program with it
  • At the moment of activation, you will earn 50% of the revenue
  • You will also earn 50% from the following renewals

It does not matter when and how a user purchases the license key. The important thing is that a user has installed AdGuard with your link.


To start the process you will have to go to the AdGuard Affiliate Program website and create an account.

It is very easy, just fill the form with your details.

Registration form

Set a payment method

Now that you have an account you will have to go to the Profile page and set a payment method to receive the money.

You can choose between PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney and QIWI.

User profile


To start sharing, you will have to get your affiliate link.

Go to the Marketing tools page, click on “Your website links” and copy the link.

AdGuard Affiliate link

Now comes the “hard work”, sharing the link with your user base.

How you choose to share it, is entirely up to you.

For example, you could share it to your Twitter followers, create a review of the AdGuard App, or mention it in your YouTube videos.

There are many ways to do it, good luck!

Get paid

Now that you have hopefully made some money... It's time to receive it!

To cash out it's as easy as going to the Payouts page and ordering a payout.

Remember that the minimum balance for cashing out is $20.


That was it, now do your magic and earn that affiliate money!


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Congratulations, today you have learned how to join the AdGuard Affiliate Program and hopefully make some easy money.

Let me know if this guide was useful to you in the comments!