How to detect and update to the latest version with Nuxt PWA

How to detect and update to the latest version with Nuxt PWA


I was working on one of my Nuxt projects and noticed that some users were using old versions, which was causing some errors to pop up.

I investigated and learned that sometimes PWAs don't update if the user doesn't manually refresh the website. So...

Let's learn how to automatically update to the latest PWA version.

Before we start

This is a simple tutorial for projects with Nuxt and the PWA module, nothing else is required.


  • Nuxt
  • Nuxt PWA module

Create a new plugin

To start, you will need to go to your plugins directory and create a new JavaScript file. I will name it pwa-update.js but feel free to use whatever you want to.

// pwa-update.js

export default async (context) => {
  const workbox = await window.$workbox;

  if (!workbox) {
    console.debug("Workbox couldn't be loaded.");

  workbox.addEventListener('installed', (event) => {
    if (!event.isUpdate) {
      console.debug('The PWA is on the latest version.');

    console.debug('There is an update for the PWA, reloading...');

Add the plugin to the Nuxt config

Then we have to add it to the plugins array on nuxt.config.js.

// nuxt.config.js

// ...

  plugins: [
    { src: '~/plugins/pwa-update.js', mode: 'client' },

// ...


And that was it. Easy right?


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Congratulations, today you have set up automatic PWA updates for your project.

Let me know if this tutorial was useful to you in the comments!